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2013 Bike For Life

2013 David  Mickley,  Dr. Michael Green, Richard Callen, Connie Callen, Paul & Mary Sleppy, Robin Seibel, Marcia Cook, Elise Etelamaki, Lucy Newman, Larry Newman, Dr. Geoffrey Joseph, Robin Seibel, Gregory Banchierie(Reese Boucher, Cindy Behanna, Robert Gallagher)*:
Raised $41,663
*These 3 riders raised significant funds to help the cause but were unable to complete the trip to Washington DC

"Dave. You really did a great job organizing the week's ride to DC, as well as this fund-raising that will do so much good for the community. Lucy and I were delighted to be part of this win-win team." Larry & Lucy Newman 2013 bike 4 life participant.
"Thanks Dave for another great year! I am so blessed to be a small part of such a great endeavor! I miss my bike family and can't wait til we ride again." Robin Seibel 4 time Bike 4 Life participant.
"Great job Dave, you should be extremely proud of the job you did leading us through this event, and great job to all of you, I'm proud to have been part of this with such a great team. Greg Banchiere 4 time Bike 4 Life participant.